Four Great Short Cuts For Improving Your Memory

Memory lapses are frequently attributed to aging. However, nothing can prepare you for how you feel when you meet someone you evidently know but are unable to put a name to the face or cannot even recall meeting the person before. At other times, you may pause mid-sentence, unable to recall what it is that you were saying. Problems with your memory may bewilder you or may alarm you, as you may wonder where the road may lead to and you may fear it. Your brain, just as the rest of your body does, needs regular exercise, to remain sharp and to perform optimally. If you are thinking that improving your memory must require excessive effort, the truth is that it’s really easy. There are short cuts to improving your memory, detailed below are some of the easiest. Continue reading

Safe Dental Care for Pregnant Women

Dental care is particularly essential during pregnancy.  Informing your dentist that you are expecting is important for proper treatment and screening guidelines. To carry a child affect your whole body and so your mouth. Special attention is required for your dental health during pregnancy because gums and teeth might be affected by changes in hormones that takes place when expecting. Furthermore, there are a few additional safety measures that you must ensure are followed when visiting your dentist. The article shows how to maintain a proper dental care during pregnancy. Continue reading

How to Set Up a Nail Station for Productivity

Maintaining an organized workspace is key for efficiency and productivity. When all of your professional nail supplies and tools are within reach, you can easily move from step to step without obstacles. A nail salon supplies stations should appear clean, clutter-free and stocked with salon-quality items. Here are some ideas on how to properly set up your nail workstation to keep your day running smoothly. Continue reading

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better – What to Look for when Buying your Earloop Facemasks

We’ve all heard the term “you get what you pay for” as part of many buyer beware stories, but in a dental practice where there is a high volume need for so many disposable items, it’s difficult not to be wooed by an attractive price tag.  Unfortunately, with all the complexities and health risks potentially associated with buying the wrong earloop face mask, this probably isn’t the place you want to cut corners. Take a look below at some of the most fundamental basics for being sure you’re not caught unprotected by a subpar sale item.

Location, Location, Location

It might not be the first thing you think to check, but where your mask is manufactured can play a huge role in its function.  You may think you’re starting out with a clean mask right out of the box, but depending on the rigidity of standards in the country where it was manufactured, it could come preloaded with all types of bioburden.

Check the Scores

When comparing masks and the level of protection they provide, there are two very important acronyms to pay close attention to: BFE which stands for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and PFE, Particle Filtration Efficiency.  BFE is the measurement of how efficient the mask is at filtering bacteria that range in size from one to three microns.  A micron is .001 of a millimeter.  However small of a measurement that may seem, there is a big difference in size between one and three so be sure to look at not just it’s BFE score, but to what size it is receiving that score.  For instance a BFE of 99% at three microns is not as good as a BFE of 99% at one micron.  PFE is possibly even more important.  This measurement looks at how effective the mask’s microfiber media filters particles that range in size from .1 to one micron.  Similar to BFE scores, you want to look at not just the percentage rate, but at what size particle it’s being measured for and you want the highest PFE with the lowest size particle.  This rating is becoming more and more relevant as things like ultrasonic scalers, high speed hand pieces, and air polishers or air abrasion units become more and more commonplace. Also, as you’re picking which PFE score you can live with, keep in mind that HIV pathogens are only .1 micron in size.

Listen to the Lingo

Another important factor in getting the utmost protection is moisture guarding.  The abundant presence of power scalers also mean that Dental professionals are exposed to more aerosols than ever before and especially for procedures that generate large droplets or spatter, you want a mask material that is splash or fluid resistant and not just splash repellant.  That one change in word can make a big difference in your protection since wet masks see a reduction in effectiveness due to the wicking effect which not only restricts airflow, but also draws microbes into the mask.  Construction of the mask is another place to pay close attention to terms.  Masks where the layers are sewn together or the earloops are attached with stitching means the integrity of the mask is compromised from the start since the stiches leave little holes or easy access points for tons of bacteria to travel through to your nose and mouth.  Instead of stiches, look for face masks that are ultrasonically welded to ensure a safe and secure composition.

What Can You Find in an Assisted Living Community?

High-quality assisted living communities offer the latest in privacy, comfort and conveniences. While all facilities are different, most offer a variety of features and amenities designed to keep residents happy, healthy and engaged in the community. Here are just a few great things you can find in an assisted living facility.

Nutritional Meals

senior assisted living facilities in ChicagoMany assisted living facilities offer meal services, which may include up to three complete meals a day served in a dining room or delivered directly to the residents’ rooms. Senior homes offer a diverse menu of delicious, balanced meals containing fresh ingredients. Upon request, most facilities also accommodate special diets. Depending on the facility, seniors can enjoy casual dining or even fine dining daily.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Housekeeping and laundry services are available as well at most assisted living facilities. These services are exceptionally helpful to seniors who are unable to do many household chores themselves or do not want to be stuck with the burden of managing a home. Professional housekeeping and laundry services are designed to keep the homes of residents clean, safe and free from harmful germs and bacteria.

Daily Assistance

Assistance with daily activities is a key component of assisted living. While some seniors need more help than others, all are offered assistance with activities like bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and walking. These services are typically offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help residents lead a healthy lifestyle. Other forms of daily assistance may also be provided, such as medication reminders.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

Many seniors are no longer able to drive, and do not always have friends or family available to transport them to every appointment. Senior assisted living facilities in Chicago often have safe forms of transportation for seniors who need to be transported back and forth from medical appointments. In addition, transportation services may be used for other reasons, such as to transport seniors to local events, shopping centers or other trips.

Programs & Activities

Programs and activities play a major role in the overall wellness of seniors. From book clubs and scheduled outings to gardening and exercise programs, most assisted living facilities provide a wide range of programs and amenities to satisfy the interests of their residents.

Assisted living communities are best suited for seniors who want to live independently but need help with daily activities, such as grooming and housework. Senior housing typically contains all of the comforts of home, with many other perks to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Old age brings a lot of confusing and frustrating moments, and one of them is the time when you have to leave your home, which served you for decades, and move to an unknown and unfamiliar place. This scenario happens to thousands of people every day, and they are forced to go to retirement homes because they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves. Health and mental state of senior citizens often prevent them from performing common everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, taking medication, transportation, and so on, and they are simply forced to seek assistance from trained and skilled professionals.

Several types of facilities can accommodate senior citizens who are need of medical care and help with certain activities. Even though the terminology is different from region to region, three types are most common, and they are called assisted living community, independent living community, and nursing home. They are all similar to some extent, and a lot of their features and characteristics are mutual and shared by all of them, but the main difference between them is in the level of medical care. The nursing home offers full medical attention and a wide range of healthcare options, with constant supervision, while an independent living community has little or no medical assistance. Assisted living is somewhere in between those two, and it includes a lot of services, including the healthcare option.

However, before actually going to a retirement home or senior living community, people must accept the fact that they are losing their independence and that they will have to change their lives completely. This period can be very stressful, confusing and sad, and senior citizens often feel vulnerable and even angry. Therefore, it is crucial that they communicate

their needs to the doctor or to their family, who can help them in dealing with such a hard situation. There is no shame in asking for help and by being patient and slowly accepting the fact that your lifestyle is changing whether you like it or not – many problematic situations can be avoided and the transition to the new facility can be done with less pain.

It is also imperative that the choice of the facility is right, and that you pick a community that will suit your budget, your needs, and your preferences in the best possible way. Your final years should be spent in a happy, healthy and fulfilling manner, surrounded with warm and gentle people who will take care of your needs in the best possible way. Choosing the right community is not an easy task, but your should consider the elements like price, accessibility, medical care levels, and many similar factors before making the final decision. Your physical and medical requirements should be the priority in this decision-making process, but knowing that the place has staff that is caring, warm and genuinely interested in your well-being will bring many bonus points in the overall ranking of similar senior living communities.